Educational trail Rabac-Labin

The trail of Labin’s goddess Sentona, the patron of travelers, will lead you from the medieval Labin to the beautiful sea coast in Rabac.

Along the trail, you will smell the fresh scent of laurels and maritime wrinkles, and it will introduce you to a beautiful natural landscape. The fairytale-like nature will bring you into childhood and forgotten scenes from imagination. The fairy grooves are crisscrossed with streams and rapids over which lead seven bridges and across the winding sedge barriers the cascades of the Pećina stream are overflowing. Just a few minutes away from the trail, on the old road connecting Labin and Rabac, there are remains of the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian (12th-13th century). The spring waters once drove the old mill whose remains lie next to the largest waterfall that flows into a turquoise lake in the valley of the bay of Maslinica.

Trail length: 3.7 km

Tour duration: 1.5 hours